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OpenOffice.org Impress: Black and White Screens

When giving a presentation it’s not uncommon to need your audience to focus on you, not the current slide – just for a minute or two so that you can really focus their attention where you need it you wish you could remove the presentation from their view.

Or maybe you’re taking a quick break and you’re looking to create a visual break in the presentation so you can start with a “blank canvas”, as it were, in their minds when you return. Having them studying information during the break probably isn’t going to lead them to be 100% focused on you when you start the presentation again.

It’s also possible that you’ve inserted a slide at the point in the presentation that you think you’ll be when the break rolls around… too bad you are either at the slide early or late due to circumstances you didn’t anticipate or couldn’t control.

Whatever the reason, the need is the same… we need a way to clear the screen but we don’t want to stop the presentation or do any other maneuver that will make you look less than professional to your audience.

No problem – I’ve got a one key trick that will give you the desired effect without stopping your presentation or worrying about making it to a certain built-in slide that you have inserted for an estimated break time.


… or …


Yep. That’s the whole trick.

While giving a presentation using the B key will place a black screen up without disturbing the presentation and then using it again will remove the black screen.

I’m positive that you’ve figured out that the W key will toggle from the presentation to a white screen and back.

There you have it… pick either a black or white screen and place a visual break in your presentation wherever you choose at any given moment.

~ April