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OpenOffice.org Impress: Design Your Presentation Handouts

Handouts are often a necessary element of a presentation… the audience is definitely going to need the information, and without handouts they’re going to spend a lot of time trying to frantically copy everything on each slide.

No one has the time to wait around for that… thus the necessity of the handouts.

Different presentations and presenters will need different layouts for these pages and that’s why programs like Impress have tools to help you easily design just what you need.

To take a look at what’s available you’ll need to look above the slide you’re editing to the tabs that allow you to switch views.


Obviously we need the Handouts tab.

What you’ll see looks like this:


At this point it’s pretty easy to create just the look that suits your needs.

On the left is a preview of the printed handout page. Notice that headers and footers are in place for quick customization.

The pane on the right side of the screen now contains choices for the actual page layout. Simply choose whatever you think that you’re audience will need… sometimes they’ll need to take additional notes so leaving space to write is a good idea… other times just having the slides themselves does the trick.

Whatever your preferences I would think that these quick and easy choices can help you to create exactly what your audience will need so that frantically copying down information isn’t necessary and they are free to pay attention to the presentation itself!

~ April