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OpenOffice.org Impress: Instant Slide Shows From a Folder of Pictures

Today let’s look at a handy little extension that will allow you to create a photo album type presentation in Impress by simply directing the program to the folder containing the pictures.

You tell Impress where they are and it does all in insertion work for you!

The extension is called PhotoAlbum [1] and downloading it is the first step.

Once it has been downloaded go into OpenOffice.org Impress Tools menu / Extension Manager choice.


In the Extension Manager dialog box click the Add button.

Navigate to the folder where your browser downloaded the file and choose the PhotoAlbum folder.


Select the folder and click the Open button.

OpenOffice.org will then install your extension.

To use it you’ll need to place all the pictures to be used into a single folder.

In Impress you need the Tools menu / Add-Ons / Create Photo Album choice.

Navigate to the folder containing your pictures, select it and click OK.

That’s it – from there Impress will take each picture in the folder and place it on a slide… instant photo album slide show!

~ April