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OpenOffice.org Impress: Selecting Covered Objects Easily

We’ve all done it… at some point while creating a great presentation we’ve had to cover an object with a larger object in order to have the animation work correctly.

Unfortunately, once we’ve covered it we need to select it.

Try as you might you can’t seem to click on it… every time you try all you select is the one on top.

Now what?

You could choose to slide the objects around until you can see the one you need… of course then you have to put it all back.

I suppose you could use the Arrange feature and begin moving things up and down through the layers until you have what you need… but again, you’re going to have to put it all back if you want the animations to work properly.


Here’s a quick, easy, 2-step way to get to the object you need without re-layering or moving a single thing.

Step 1: Hit the Esc key to ensure that nothing on the slide is selected.

Step 2: Use the Tab key to rotate through the items.

That’s all there is to it… one at a time each object will be selected so eventually the one you need will be selected and you’ll know it when you see the object’s handles shown through whatever is covering it from plain sight.

Esc then Tab, Tab, Tab until you get what you need… It can’t get much easier than that!

~ April