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OpenOffice.org: Installing Extensions

Recently I’ve talked about quite a few great extensions (add-ons) available for your OpenOffice.org programs. While I’m sure that in the midst of those discussions I went over the “how to” of installing them, that doesn’t mean you were there with me at that particular moment.

With that in mind it seemed a good idea to put the whole “how do I install and extension” in its own tip for those of you who need to take the mystery out of the extension installation, so you too can enjoy the benefits of the extra stuff available for you OpenOffice.org programs.

Officially, the way you’d install an extension is to download the file then launch OpenOffice.org. (You can access this stuff from the initial “welcome” portion of the program too.)

Now we’re off to the Tools menu, Extension Manager.


Click the Add button.

From there you should locate the extension file you downloaded, select it and click Open.

That’s it!

OpenOffice.org does its thing and installs the the extension.

Most of the time I have to close OpenOffice.org and restart it to get my extensions to work.

(I’ve also found that I could locate the downloaded file via Windows, double-click it and it will install from there… but officially that’s what the Extension Manager is for…)

OK – so now that we’ve all examined the process for installing your extensions the next time I discuss one you might like you can truly check it out!

~ April