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OpenOffice.org: Making the Handles Easier to Grab

When you have an object selected in any program you’re looking at a bunch of handles like this:


They are there for very good reasons, such as re-sizing and moving your object, but sometimes you may find them a bit difficult to use.

If you’re not great with the whole click and drag thing, or you have difficulty seeing exactly when the pointer is on the handle, then they can be more frustrating then they are useful.

Fortunately, OpenOffice.org programs have the ability to lend you a helping hand in these situations.

Within your program options you will find one labeled simply as “Large Handles”… which means exactly what it implies…


The usual small handles on object are slightly increased in size making them easier to grab and use.

If you’re interested in using this particular feature, then you’re going to need to head to the Tools menu / Options choice.


Once in the Options dialog box you’ll need to expand the section for the program you’re using (listed at the bottom on the left) then choose the View category for the program.

On the right you’ll find a section for Guides, and in it there will be a check-box for Large handles.

Check it and click OK.


Large handles are now on your objects as per your request.

Before I finish I should point out that since we found this setting within the options for a specific program we’ll have to make this change for each one individually… but it’s a small price to pay when we end up with handles that we can really get our hands on!

~ April