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OpenOffice.org: Open It Without the Fear of Changing It

There are definitely times when we need to open a file for the sole purpose of reading it. In fact, to change it is not anywhere in your plans and absolutely shouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, stuff just happens. You bump something on the keyboard and aren’t quite sure what was changed… You’re at home and when you go to the kitchen to get a drink the cat takes a walk across your keyboard on its way to bat at the screen… Whatever you can imagine is a possibility, along with all kinds of things you haven’t even dreamed up yet.

Obviously you’ll want to make sure that you don’t save it when it’s closed – that way if anything is accidentally changed you’re covered. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had a way to be absolutely sure that it is impossible to make changes?

Yeah, it would be a good thing, and fortunately sometimes good things do exist.

We can very easily choose to open our files as “Read Only” so that no changes can be made and saved over the original file.

To open files in this manner you’ll need to check the “Read Only” option in the Open dialog box.


That’s really all there is to it… an extra check when you open the file and it’s safe and sound… no matter who takes a walk across the keyboard or messes with your mouse!

~ April