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OpenOffice.org: Paste Button Options

More often than not we take the Paste button for granted… we copy something then hit the Paste button and pretty much believe that we’ve experienced everything that button has to offer.

In the case of the OpenOffice.org programs, this assumption is so not true.

If you take a careful look at the Paste button you’ll see that it has a down arrow on the right side.

ooo_pstbtn_dwnarrow [1]

When you click this arrow you’ll find that you’re offered whatever options seem appropriate for the copied material…

I copied something from the Web and it offered to paste it as unformatted text and in HTML format.

After copying a cell I was offered a whole host of paste formats for the information.

ooo_spec_paste_choices [2]

It’s just a matter of choosing the best for you!

Of course the Paste button still works as you expect, but if you need a little change up in the pasting then give this one a try.

~ April