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OpenOffice.org: Rotating Objects

If you’re used to working in MS Office as I am, then you expect that there will be a little green handle attached to the object with which you can rotate the object 360 degrees.

However, if you go looking for that little gem on an object in an OpenOffice.org program, you won’t find it…

We know it’s got to be there – somewhere – but it’s obviously not attached to the object.

Now what?

The truth is that the trick to rotating objects is right there in front of you, but it’s in a toolbar that is only displayed when the object is selected… so if you’re not really observant you may barely even notice that there was a change to the toolbar section.

At any rate – there was a change, and it’s there that you’ll look for the Rotate button.


When you click this button the handles on the object will become red indicating that your in the rotation mode.


You may also notice the circular shape that appeared in the center of the star.

This is the center of the rotation. In essence, OpenOffice.org will allow you to move the object 360 degrees around this center.

Whenever you activate the Rotation button the center of rotation starts in the middle of the object… however, you can move it elsewhere and have the object swing into not only a new angle but also a different location as you do it.

Simply rotate from any of the corners by dragging it either direction.

The object will free rotate to any position. If you’d like to restrict the objects movements to 15 degree increments then hold down the Shift key as you rotate it.

Deactivate the rotation mode by either clicking the Rotation button again or click anywhere in the document to deselect the object.

That’s it – rotation in OpenOffice.org programs is easy once you know where to start.

~ April