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OpenOffice.org: Splitting One Numbered List Into Two

How frustrated have you found yourself when trying to break a single numbered list into two different lists?

Maybe you simply need to separate the list into two parts with a blank line or two… or maybe you actually need to move part of the list into a completely separate location in the document.

Either way, you have one numbered list and you now need two separate lists.

It sounds so easy, just go to the end of a line and hit the Enter key.

Unfortunately the result looks like this:


Ah ha! I’ll hit the Enter key a second time… that will separate my lists!


Not so much… list is still continuously numbered but just separated by a blank line.

For those of you who are wondering what happens when you actually paste part of the list into a separate location, you can stop – the pasted portion picks up counting right where the first portion left off.

The question just begs to be asked: How exactly are we supposed to split that numbered list into two separate lists?

The solution to our dilemma is found on the Bullets and Numbering Toolbar that opens when your cursor is within a list.


(If you don’t see this, then go to the View menu, Toolbars sub-menu and select Bullets and Numbering.)

On the right end of the toolbar you’ll find the Restart Numbering button.

Place your cursor on the line where the counting should start over and click the Restart Numbering button.

Voila! Your single list is now two separate list with each of them starting with #1.

Problem solved. (If only every problem could be solved with a single button…)

~ April