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OpenOffice.org: Start Your Internet Research Without Leaving OpenOffice

Often when working I find the need to zip out to the Internet to do a bit of research… whether it’s to do a fact check, come up with additional resources or find even more information for the current project… the point is that I’ve got to stop what I’m doing to switch gears.

While the switching gears part isn’t completely avoidable, the transition from one to the other can be smoothed out quite a bit using OpenOffice.org’s Hyperlink Bar.

The thing that most do not realize is that they can do more then just create a link with that particular toolbar… like start an internet search from selected text in your OpenOffice.org document…

Think about it.

You’ve got something in your file that needs to be researched, so you either memorize the phrase, launch your browser, get to a search engine and then enter the information to run the search.

That’s a lot of steps, and as I said before, if you’ve got to do the research then I can’t get you around the need for it, but let’s what we can do to work more efficiently.

To start your research from within your OpenOffice.org program you’ve got to have the Hyperlink toolbar displayed. (View menu / Toolbars sub-menu / Hyperlink Bar)

As a side note… this is just like any other toolbar you use… once it is displayed it will stay there until you close it so that step isn’t necessary every time you want to use it.

Now we’re ready to really get to work.

The first step is to select the text to be researched. You’ll find that it will automatically be inserted in the left section of the Hyperlink Bar.

Once text is selected you should note that the Find button on the far right of the toolbar is now active.


It’s just a matter of selecting a search engine using the drop-down list attached to the button to set the process in motion…

Select a search engine and your default browser will open and go straight to the search results.


Yeah, it’s that simple… the Hyperlink Bar brings it down to 2 steps:

1.Select text

2. Choose search engine

I’m not sure we could make it any easier than that…

~ April