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OpenOffice.org: The Quickstarter Option

If you access OpenOffice.org programs frequently then it may be worth the bit of extra memory used to put the OpenOffice.org Quickstarter in your system tray at start up.

Basically what you’d see when you start your computer is the OpenOffice.org logo in the tray.


Right-click on the icon and you’ll be given a pretty direct menu of choices.


(In case you were wondering, I found that a double-click on the icon would directed me to the Templates and Documents dialog box.)

At any rate, if having the Quickstarter in your system tray sounds like a good plan to you, then here’s what you need to know.

Start in any OpenOffice.org program and make your way to the Options dialog box. (Tools menu, Options choice)


On the left you’re looking for the Memory category and on the right you’ll then need to check the “Load OpenOffice.org during system start-up” option.

Click OK.

If you change your mind about using the Quickstarter, then you may have noticed that the “Load OpenOffice.org during system start-up” option is on the menu… you can either uncheck the option here or return to the Options dialog box in one of the programs.

That’s it… with the next system start-up you’ll find your system tray contains the Quickstarter for super quick clicking straight into the program of your choice.

~ April