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OpenOffice.org Writer: Changing the Default Font

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to fonts in my documents then you’re tired of Times New Roman and Arial.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we use extreme fonts as a default, but there are a whole lot of fonts that would work without being too outlandish.

Given that I prefer to change the font, I’m always looking to alter the default since I also have no patience when it comes to changing it each and every time I start a new document.

With that in mind I went in search of the default settings for fonts.

Prior experience with word processing programs told me to go looking in the format character dialog box… but that didn’t work here.

It turns out that the default font settings are located with all the other program options under the Tools menu, Options.


Once in the Options dialog box, on the left side choose Basic Fonts under the OpenOffice.org Writer section.

On the right you’ll find fields to choose the font type and size for a variety of text styles.

Make the changes you need and click OK.


The current document and all new documents will automatically have the new default font settings.

Now, I know that at least some of you noticed the Default button below your settings in the Options dialog box.

Using that Default button will reset all the fields to the way OpenOffice.org gave them to you… so, use this to replace your defaults with their defaults.

Just one more way to have things all your way.

~ April