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OpenOffice.org Writer: Changing the Formatting of Dates

If you’re someone who uses Writer’s┬ádate field in your documents then I’m sure you’ve found that the default formatting looks like this:


But what if you’d like this:

June 15, 2011

…or this:


What then?

Are you forced to forgo the date filed that would update itself in favor of manually entering and updating it each time you use the document?

Of course not… the question is where do we find our date formatting options?

Fortunately for us those options are pretty easy to access…

The fastest way to access them would be to double-click on the field. (You could also right-click on it and choose Fields.)

In the far right column you’ll discover an entire list of options.

ooow_dateformat_presetchoices [1]

Choose one that meets your needs and click OK.


A date formatted to your specifications that can still be set to automatically update itself!

Yeah :)

~ April