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OpenOffice.org Writer: Exceptions to AutoCorrect Rules

Find yourself cursing the AutoCorrect rules that seem to change your abbreviations into capitalized words? What does it feel like when it keeps removing the second capitalized letter of something like PC and turning it into Pc?

Frustration, aggravation and a few other choice words I’m sure are what come to mind.

What if we could change that situation?

Maybe we could add to Writer’s list of accepted abbreviation and two capital words so that it stops making changes that you just don’t need… interested?

Yeah, I was too, so let’s take a quick look at what we can do to stop some of the most aggravating situations you run into.

Since we’re taking issue with an AutoCorrect feature, we’ll need to open the AutoCorrect dialog (Tools menu / AutoCorrect Options choice).

Once there we need to access the Exceptions tab.


As you can see there are two sections… one for abbreviation exceptions and the other for those two capital letter situations.

Items in these lists are the things that AutoCorrect accepts as-is.

The dictionary where these items are applied is listed at the top and obviously can be changed with the drop-down list.

– To add something to one of the lists simply enter it in the field above the appropriate list and click New.

Removing an item is a quick process too. Select it from the list then click Delete.

When you’re finished click OK.

That’s all there is to it. The basic idea is to add whatever entries you need AutoCorrect to leave alone resulting in fewer things you must go back to and change manually.

Sounds like a plan to me!

~ April