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OpenOffice.org Writer: Get An Improved Find and Replace

We all know what Find & Replace can do for us in a document… it can definitely save lots of time and energy for a variety of situations… however, there are always some limitations to what you can do with it.

Well, OpenOffice.org Writer has an extension available that will allow you to easily search for things such as multipleĀ carriageĀ returns, text between parentheses, first or last character of a paragraph, font properties such as bold and a whole lot more!

ooow_alt_fndrpl_examples [1]

To check out the Alternative Dialog Find & Replace for Writer extension click here [2].

Once it’s installed you’ll need to close Writer and when it’s re-opened you’ll find this new toolbar added:

ooow_altfandr_button [3]

From then on be sure to use the green binoculars to access a whole new world of Find & Replace…

~ April