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OpenOffice.Org Writer: How Do You Measure?

Many people, myself included, tend to use the rulers while they edit. I personally like to see where I am on the page, whether it’s for placing graphics within the margins or to quickly place a tab stop at a particular location – I just need to have the ruler visible.

We all know that there are different units to measure with – inches and centimeters come to mind first, but in computer programs there’s also point (just like the font size measurement) and in OpenOffice.org probably a couple you haven’t even considered.

Which leads us to today’s tip… if these measurement options are available then where are they so that we can all set the ruler to use what we need not what we were stuck with.

Actually they’re very easy to locate in the Options dialog box. (Tools menu / Options)


In the left choose General once you expand the OpenOffice.org Writer group.

Then on the right the measurement units are very easy to find in the Settings section.

Set it to your preference and click OK.


Writer now displays a ruler that measures in the way you find most helpful!

~ Apri