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OpenOffice.org Writer: Inserting a Date Field

Many of us, for a variety of reasons, will use field to insert information such as the current date.

When inserting a date field you actually have two options: a fixed date (the date initially entered) or an updating date (changes each time you work on the document to the new “current date”).

The questions begging to be asked are: which type have you put into your document and how do we control that type when you use Insert menu / Field / Date?

First things first… when you use the quick Insert menu / Field / Date procedure you get a fixed date inserted into your document – today’s date that cannot be changed.

If you’re looking for an automatically updating date field then you have a couple of choices but I’d like to go over the fastest…

Double-click on the date field to be changed. (If the double-clicking thing is difficult for you then try a right-click on the field and then choose Fields from the menu.)

When you get the Edit Fields dialog box change the date type in the center column labeled “Select“.

Choose the simple description of Date.

ooow_changedate_2updating [1]

Click OK.

That’s all there is to it… now your date field will update itself automatically. Check that as off the list of things to remember to do when editing the document.

~ April