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OpenOffice.org Writer: Keeping It Together

Ever have a table in a Writer document that should not ever be split into two parts on two different pages?

You don’t care how much white space you end up creating at the bottom of a page; this table contains information that should absolutely not be split apart!

In this situation, how are you going to prevent the split?

Manually enter enough blank spaces to kick it onto a single page if a split happens?

What if you go back later to edit the document?

As you edit, things will move around – maybe all those blank lines you put in earlier are no longer necessary – forcing you to go back and manually change things again.

Not exactly my idea of efficient.

What’s the alternative?

Actually, the alternative is to change the table properties to not allow a split between pages.

Sound simple?

Good… because it is!

You actually have an opportunity when a table is first created to prevent it from splitting between pages in the Insert Table dialog box.


Check the “Don’t split table” option.

Once the table has been created we’ll need to go into its properties to make the change.

With the cursor in the table you’ll find the Table toolbar displayed.


Click the Table Properties button.

Once the Properties dialog box opens go to the Text Flow tab.


Un-check the “Allow table to split across pages and columns” option.

Click OK.


No more split table and definitely no more blank lines trying to keep it all together.

~ April