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OpenOffice.org Writer: Quick Clicks for Selecting Text

Here’s a quick tip for selecting text using your mouse that doesn’t require dragging the mouse, holding down the mouse button or using the Shift key.

This one is all about the double-click, triple-click and… well, the 4 clicks?

Yep – each one will select a different amount of text around the placement of your cursor.

Seem too easy?

Believe me, it really is that easy, but…

If you must find a catch, and I know that some of you do, then it’s got to be that you have to click the correct number of times without pausing. A pause in the clicks will make Writer believe that you’ve ended the selection so the next one will deselect all the text and put you back with the flashing cursor.

A few quick clicks to select text – it works like a charm and definitely has potential for streamlining some of our workload :)

~ April