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OpenOffice.org Writer: Starting Lists Without a Mouse

Whether it be a numbered list or bulleted list, we’ve all created them at one time or another. Of course, to create them we pulled our hands from the keyboard and moved them to the mouse to use the toolbar buttons.


Obviously this method works, but what if we could avoid the mouse portion and just get started with the list already?

Sounds like a plan to me, so let’s take a look at some of our options.

I’d like to start with numbered lists.

By now you’ve probably found that if you start your line with 1. then after you hit the enter key the formatting is changed and the next line is numbered as 2.

What you may not have found when it comes to numbering is 1) or that you can start roman numerals using I. or I).


As for bullets…

Both * and + will start a plain old bulleted list.


Using a hyphen () will start a list that uses dashes


There you have it… a way to take a great idea for presenting information made even easier.

~ April