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OpenOffice.org:Missing Page Setup Information

If you’re like me… a Microsoft Office user for years and years then you’re very used to the concept of the Page Setup. Things such as margins and page orientation could be located there.

We found this gem under the File menu or, with the newer versions, we could access it on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.

It then follows as logical that when moving into our new OpenOffice.org environment we’d see the File menu and think that the Page Setup information could be accessed there.

Yeah, no. We were wrong on that account… it is in there… just not where we expected it to be.

To access what OpenOffice.org has to offer in each program’s Page Setup you’ll need to go to the Format menu, Page choice.


Once you get there you may find that the items you can alter within this dialog box are a bit different than what you’re used to but you’ll still find that core of settings along with a few things you might find useful are present.

Now that you’ve found them it’s just a few adjustments and a quick click of the OK button and you’re back to business as usual.

~ April