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OpenOffice.org: Turning off the Automatic Spellcheck

While many people I work with like the “red squiggly lines” underneath misspelled words, I also know quite a few who hate them.

I like them because I just fix my mistakes as I go, whenever possible, however I’ve watched many people totally ignore them and run the Spelling and Grammar check at intervals throughout the writing process.

For them, the red squiggles are nothing more than a nuisance.

If you fall in the latter category, maybe you’d prefer to not see them at all?

Well good news! We can do that with a single click.

On the Standard toolbar you’ll find to the right of the Print Preview button, one that actually has the red squiggly line on it.


Click it.

It’s a toggle button that will turn the red squiggly feature off, or back on, for that particular program, as well as for the rest of the OpenOffice.org programs.

Yep that’s right – the one little button, in just one of the programs, will take care of your squiggle problems for them all!

~ April