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Opera 9.2 Released

Opera 9.2 Released

Are you ready for a new version of the Opera Web browser already? I mean, with Opera 9.1 just released in December 2006, you might still be getting used to that, but in the Internet world, there’s no time to waste when it comes to updates and upgrades. And Opera 9.2 is no exception to that rule. Come along with me as we welcome this new and improved version of Opera to our computers!

One of the most prominent features of the 9.2 version is called Opera Speed Dial. It is designed to help you keep better track of all the Web sites you love to visit. There are also several new developer tools included with Opera 9.2. Along with those, there’s a new anonymous usage tool, extra support for animated images and it’s now offered in 31 different languages. Wow!

Another huge new feature has to do with the search tool that is already known in the Opera Web browser. With it, you can now search for your queries by typing them right into the address bar. This is the way Firefox works too, so the trend is definitely catching on. Now, everything that I mentioned is just a sampling of what you’ll get with the 9.2 version. If you’re interested in learning more about it or if you just want to download it right away, head to this Web site and do so. You no longer have to wait for the browsing experience you’ve always wanted with Opera. Enjoy!

~ Erin