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Opera Skins

Last week, you talked about some widgets for the Opera Web browser and it was so nice to hear about those. So, now I’m wondering if you can tell us about some skins for Opera as well. I’ve been wanting to change mine for awhile now, but I wasn’t sure if there were any new ones out or not. Please fill us in!

You know, after running that Opera tip last week, I’ve come to realize that several of our readers are avid Opera users! Many of you have e-mailed me your thoughts about the widgets and actually, a lot of you have been asking for more Opera information. And since it’s my job to give you what you want, that’s exactly what I’m going to do again today. Listen up!

A few new Opera skins have surfaced in the past couple of weeks and I thought it would be of a great benefit to share those with you. Now, before I go any further, I want to make sure everyone knows what I mean when I say “skin.” No, I’m not talking about human skin or even animal skins. In the computer world, a skin means a new design for a program’s interface. So, when you open your Opera Web browser, what you see on the homepage is your skin. A lot of programs these days offer a wide variety of skins that you can choose from and I’m going to tell you about five of them right now. Here’s to a whole new Opera for you!

1.) WinVista Limited Edition – This skin is a native Windows Vista skin made just for Opera. Now, native basically means that the skin gets its background elements from the actual operating system. In this case, the operating system is the new Windows Vista, so this skin will look a little like Vista, with a few of its own additions. So, if you like that kind of look, this skin may be the one for you! You can check it out and download it for yourself right here.

2.) FineBrowser – This particular skin comes from SoftInform and it was also designed just for the Opera Web browser. It is a new generation (more modern looking) multi window browser type of skin. This one does things a little differently with its multiple windows and new age look, but if you’re a fan of all that, you need to check this one out. You can do so here.

3.) WinVista – This is another skin that goes along with the new Vista look. It is an adapted Windows Vista skin, so you will get some of the same images, etc. with this skin that Vista has. The designer of WinVista is constantly updating it and making changes, so if you’re interested in this one, be sure to keep checking back for new items. You can download it for yourself here.

4.) Internet Explorer Classic – If you like to use Opera as your main Web browser, but you still like the look of Internet Explorer better, this is the skin for you. This is the second version of the IE skin for Opera, so it does include some additional changes. It looks a lot like IE, but it has its own Opera flare too. Check it out and download it for yourself right here.

5.) 07 Native – This one is the most current Opera skin out of these top five. This particular skin was designed based on the original Opera 7 browser, but it has been updated for the new 9.1 version. This is also a native skin, so it’ll be similar to the first one up above. This one is also always being updated, so keep checking back on it. You can get 07 Native for yourself here.

There they are! Now, I know the descriptions for these aren’t the greatest, but in all actuality, the best thing to do is preview them for yourself. That’s really the only way you’ll know if you like one or not. Just click the Download Skin button and check it out. If you don’t like one, you can always remove it from your computer and try another. Or, if you’re not really into any of the skins I showed you today, you can check out more by clicking on this link. There are several other skins listed there that you can try out as well. Have fun!

~ Erin