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Opera Tricks

I just started using Opera as my new Web browser and I was wondering if you knew of any tricks that may help me get more use out of it. I’ve checked your archives, but I’d like to know more. Please help me!

First of all, welcome to the world of Opera! You’ve chosen a good Web browser for yourself and I hope you continue to enjoy it. Second, you are right, we have done some tips on Opera in the past (which can be found in our archives here), but we haven’t really covered any “tricks of the trade” as of yet. So, I’m really glad you asked this question. This will give me a chance to learn more about Opera as well! Below you will find three of the more interesting tricks I found that I thought would be useful to all you Opera users out there as well. I hope you enjoy them. Here we go!

1.) Adding Bookmark Notes

So, I’m sure you’ve added bookmarks to your Opera browser before, right? If you visit a Web site you really like, it’s only natural that you’ll go back to it several times. So, for easier access, you add it to your bookmark list. But what if you find something in particular on that site that you’d like to go back and see at a later time? You know, like a paragraph of text or maybe a picture.

And maybe you remember what you saw, but can you remember which Web site it came from? If you’re like me, you probably visit several Web sites in a day, so it’s sometimes hard to remember which site contains what material. This is when the Bookmark Notes feature comes in handy. In Opera, just highlight any piece of text or graphic, etc. that you’d like to hold on to, right click it and choose Copy to Note. A new note will then be created in your Notes folder. Then when you want to go back to that same piece of material, just open your Notes panel, double click on that specific note and the Web site will open automatically for you. Cool, huh?!

2.) Mouse Shortcuts

Like every other browser, Opera has its own mouse shortcuts. Here are a few of the most commonly used ones that I thought you all might enjoy too.

Not too shabby, huh?!

3.) Fit to Window

If you are tired of having to scroll horizontally in your Opera browser, you can change a setting so that your windows are always in the “fit to screen” mode. To do this, go to the View menu and choose the “Fit to Window Width” option. The horizontal scroll bar will then disappear and your Opera experience will be that much better!

Now, those are just three of the cool things you can do with Opera, but don’t be surprised if you see some more in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what could come next. Have fun!

~ Erin