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Organize Those Documents!

Lil from MI writes:

I have Windows 7. I would like to organize my documents. How do I make a new folder, & put sub files in this folder? I used to know, however it was not Windows 7.

Hi, Lil.  Thanks for the terrific question!

Yes, there is a way to do this.  Even better, it’s pretty easy. 

First off, open the directory that you want to add your new folder to.  In this example, I’m using the “My Documents” folder.  Across the top, you’ll see a series of options.  Click on “New Folder”.

This will create a blue-highlighted “New Folder” at the bottom of the directory.  Simply type whatever you’d like the name of the new folder to be and hit Enter.  Once you create the folder, Windows will put it in its correct place alphabetically.  Find the folder, open it and then open a separate window with the files that you’d like to move into your new folder, drag and drop.  Now it’s yours forever.

Hope that this helps!

~Randal Schaffer