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Organize Your Programs

Organize Your Programs

If you are like me, you have installed many new and different programs on your computer over the years. Windows lists all of them as “All Programs” under the Start menu, but they unfortunately are not in alphabetical order. This sometimes makes finding a particular program a little time consuming, doesn’t it? I not only want to have each file’s title in its proper location in the alphabet, but I also want to rename some of them by their category type, in order to make them easier to remember. For instance, there are several Microsoft programs listed under “Microsoft,” but they can easily be renamed. For one example, I have renamed “Microsoft Streets and Trips” to “Maps, Microsoft Streets and Trips.”

You can do it too! To rename the title, highlight it and right click. This will bring up a function menu. Highlight and left click on Rename. This allows you to make any changes you want to the actual program name. You can even completely delete the existing name and replace it with another if you’d like. After making your changes, just press Enter on your keyboard.

Now, to move the title of your newly installed program, whether or not you have renamed it, look at the menu list to see which title the new one will follow. Next, left click and hold the mouse button down on the new title. As you begin to move the mouse (dragging the title), a black line will appear above the title. Position the black line just below the previously selected title in the menu listing and release the mouse button. Voila! It’s an instant relocation!

Arranging the titles in an orderly manner such as this makes it much quicker and easier to find and open any particular program. I hope this tip works just as well for you!

~ Garry Owens