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Other Eject Options

Other Eject Options

I’m sure many of you have read our tips on how to eject a stuck CD from your computer, but even after going through all those steps, are you still having trouble getting that stubborn CD to come out? Sometimes those things can be so frustrating and after you mess with it for awhile, you probably just feel like throwing your whole computer out the window. Am I right? Well, before you go that far, give these alternative tricks a try. They may be just what you’ve been waiting for!

First, try adding something to the CD. If you put an extra file or another song on it, that might be enough to coax it out. Also, when you’re using a CD, make sure you eject it before you start up another program. If you leave the CD in its tray while you use other programs, it could cause some problems. Another thing to try is a simple reboot. Sometimes when you shut down your computer and then turn it back on, the CD will eject.

Now, while all of those are good suggestions, they still might not work for you. So, if that’s the case, you may want to try those other tips I mentioned in the first paragraph. One of them tells you to try the traditional method of right clicking your CD drive and choosing Eject. I know this is the problem you’re having, but if you try it more than once, it could finally open. You never know! The other tip we have tells you how to use a paperclip to get your CD out. You can read all about that here. Either way you go, I hope you are finally able to get your CD out so you can enjoy your life in happy CD bliss once again!

~ Erin