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Other Key Alarms

Other Key Alarms

Ever since we ran the Caps Lock Alarm [1] article at the beginning of the week, everyone has been asking me if there’s an alarm option for other keys on the keyboard. You know, certain other keys that you accidentally hit all the time, such as the Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys. Well, it just so happens there is! The instructions are exactly the same for the Caps Lock key, but let me go over it with you again today. Here we go!

First, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the Accessibility Options link. Click Accessibility Options once more and then choose the Keyboard tab. Under the ToggleKeys section, checkmark the box that says “Use ToggleKeys” and then click OK. That little check then activates the beeping sound and you will hear that every time you hit any of those keys. Once you hear that beep, you’ll know one of those keys was hit and you can then go and undo it.

Now, you can have your screen flash at you when one of those keys is hit as well. To do that, go back to the Accessibility Options window, but choose the Sound tab this time. Check the box next to “Use SoundSentry” and choose which way you would like to be warned from the drop down menu. I personally like the “Flash active window” option, but choose one that will get your attention the best. Click OK when you’re done and you’ll be all set. Never again will you have to worry about not knowing when those keys are accidentally turned on and that’s a big time saver for everyone!

~ Erin

P.S. – I know a lot of you asked me about an alarm for that pesky little Insert key, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find a fix for that yet. I’ll keep looking though and let you know if I find anything!