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Our Amazing Planet

Our Amazing Planet [1]


Welcome to Our Amazing Planet, a site that helps you to discover the planet by Land, Water, Sky, and Life!

Navigation is easy! Just select one of the featured articles on the main page, or choose from the navigational tabs: Land, Water, Sky, and Life. Once you’ve chosen a navigational tab, you can select from the menu at the top of the page to look at items specific to that category.


Land – here you can read about the earth, see amazing photos, and learn all sorts of interesting things about the earth! There was an amazing article on lava fields in Idaho that was eye-opening for me. The categories for this section are: Antarctica, Arctic, Canyons, Deserts, Destinations, Earthquakes, Earth’s Interior, Exploration and Explorers, Glaciers, Islands, Miscellaneous, Mountains, National Parks, News, Volcanoes, and Caves.


Water – this section is devoted to the water on our planet. Explore the water categories: Atlantic Ocean, Coral Reefs, Deep Oceans, Diving, Gulf of Mexico, Lakes, Miscellaneous, News, Oceans and Seas, Pacific Ocean, Rivers, Shipwrecks, Arctic Ocean, and Tsunami. I loved the Shipwreck section!


Sky – the sections here are: Atmosphere, Clouds, El Nino and La Nina, Hurricanes, Lightning, Miscellaneous, Pollution, Seasons, Tornadoes, and Weather. I think this was by far my favorite section. I really love learning about clouds and weather. There were some really amazing photos in the cloud section.


Life – this section is devoted to all things living! Check out the Animals section to find great links to information and images of animals! (There are lots of links to cute animals and live web cams.) The remaining sections here are: Biodiversity, Conservation, Endangered Species (a favorite of mine), Fish, Flowers, Invasive Species, Miscellaneous, Newfound Species, News, Plants, and Whales. The Newfound Species section might be the gem of the bunch, I love learning about the discovery of new species though, so it might just be me!

This site provides an amazing, in-depth look at our planet! Check it out today!

http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/ [1]