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MS Outlook 2007: Get Your Color Back!

Are you an Outlook 2007 user who misses the color-coded messages you were able to use in older versions of Outlook?

You know… the color coding rules that would actually change the color of the text in your message list based upon the sender?

Well, I don’t know about you but I used it for lots of messages. I found that it really helped me to locate the most important messages with just a quick glance.

Once I switched to Outlook 2007 I began to use the categories, which is nice but what if you miss your old way of doing things?

On first glance it doesn’t look like that feature still exists – but it does and you just have to know where to find it.

The thing you seek is in the Tools menu.


Choose Organize and you’ll find that the top section of your message list looks like you remember.


What you’re look for is on the Using Colors tab…

A few quick settings just like before and you’ll find that you feel much better and even have your color back!