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Outlook.com – How To Forward Draft Items

Dorrine from Iowa writes:

Ever since Hotmail became Outlook I have not been able to forward messages that I place in my draft folder. I occasionally place articles in the draft folder for easy access and to send on to various people. I was always able to forward on in Hotmail!

I have two options for you, Dorrine and I’ll save the best for last. Your first option is to hit the Forward option on the message you wish to save, even if you haven’t decided on the future recipients of your message.


Then open the message and move it to your Drafts folder by selecting Save draft.



When you decide that you want to forward that message to selected contacts, open your Drafts folder.


Double-click to open the message you wish to forward.



Select Continue writing.

You can then choose who you want to receive the e-mail.


And add a personal message, which is always much nicer than just forwarding things to people. 


Another option would be for you to create a Save for later Folder.  Select the message you wish to send and choose New folder from the drop-down menu under Move to.


Type in the name of your new folder.

Now you have a Save for later folder. When you find a message you want to save, just select Save for later from the drop-down menu under Move to.

Once items are in the Save for later file, simply select the message you wish to forward and choose Forward from the menu under Reply.

A Save for later file is probably the best solution, as it keeps those messages separate from actual drafts of messages you’ve started to compose. Plus, it takes fewer steps to forward. You don’t have to name the file Save for later, any name you prefer would work.

Hope that makes things a little simpler.

~ Cynthia