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Outlook Deletes

Outlook Deletes

Do you use Outlook or Outlook Express? If so, here’s a cool delete trick.

Next time you go to delete an item, hold down the Shift key. You can use either the keyboard combination of Shift + Delete or, for even more excitement, hold down Shift while you click the Delete button on the toolbar.

Either way, Outlook / Outlook Express will bypass your Deleted Items folder and remove the item permanently.

What if you have more than one e-mail to delete? Just hold down your CTRL key as you click the items you want to delete and then follow the procedure above.

Remember, this gets rid of the items forever, so be careful with it!

Want a little more? OK, I can do that.

You can also set Outlook / Outlook Express to empty your deleted items folder on exit. I personally don’t like this. There have been way too many times I’ve deleted something that I didn’t think I needed anymore, but then it turns I out did need it. With the “empty on exit” feature enabled, I’d be in trouble.

However, you may be more careful with what you delete than I am (I go wild with that delete key sometimes). If that’s the case, you may find it handy to have the trash taken out automatically for you on exit. Here’s how ya do it with Outlook Express (Outlook is very similar):

1. Click the Tools menu, Options .

2. Click the Maintenance tab and check the ” Empty items from the Deleted Items folder on exit ” checkbox. Hit OK .


That’s it. Outlook Express will have a digital teenager take out the trash for you each time you exit.

~ Steve