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Outlook Direct Replies To

Have you ever been asked to send an e-mail message out on behalf of someone else?

Maybe a boss, colleague or friend who just aren’t in the right place, don’t have the time or access to the information and you do.

So they ask and you’d like to (or in the case of your boss, have to) help out.

The problem is that when the message goes out since you sent it you’ll get the replies. You did a favor and now you’ve got a clogged Inbox that you have to redirect to the correct person.

Not exactly a great outcome for you.

Is there any way to still be a Good Samaritan without the extra work it causes down the road?

Why yes, there is – you just need to know how to set the message “Reply To” address to the correct person – and that’s exactly what we’re going to look at right now.

To begin, regardless of your version of Outlook, we need either a new or forwarded message opened for editing.

If you’re using an older version of Outlook then you need to locate the Options button on the Standard toolbar. (You can also find it in the View menu.)


For my Outlook 2007 people you need the Direct Replies to button located in the More Options section of the Options tab of the Ribbon.


Once you’ve clicked the button for your program you should all be looking at the Message Options dialog box.


About halfway down you’ll find the Delivery Options section.

Select the “Have replies sent to” checkbox and enter the appropriate address in the field. (The Select Names button will get you into your address book for a quick address entry.)

Click Close.

Compose your message and send.

It’s that easy – the message is sent out and whenever a recipient replies it will go straight to the person who actually needs to see it!

~ April