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Outlook Express Exporting

I just bought a new computer and I was wondering how I export my Outlook Express e-mails for import to another mail program like Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail?

I’m just going to start by saying yes, there is a way to transfer all of your Outlook Express e-mails (and address book, etc.) for use in another program. (I’ll wait here while you do your little happy dance!) Let’s get started, shall we?!

Exporting Your OE Address Book

1.) We will start with your address book in Outlook Express and then move on from there. So, boot up your XP machine and open OE. From there, go to File, Export and click on the Address Book option.

2.) The Address Book Export Tool will then open. Click on the second choice of “Text File (Comma Separated Values)” and then click on the Export button.

3.) You will then have to choose a path for where you want your address book exported to. Click on the Browse button and find a place where you can save your address book. You can choose any folder (My Documents, for example) or even start a new one if you’d like. Just type in the name you want it saved under and then hit the Save button.

4.) Next, you’ll see the CSV Export window. Here you’ll need to choose which contact details you want to be exported over. You can either choose the ones you want or to be safe, you can just checkmark all of them. When you’re done, click the Finish button. The address book will then be exported to the location you chose and will be ready for import in another program.

Exporting Your OE E-mail Accounts

1.) The next thing we need to export is your Outlook Express e-mail accounts. In Outlook Express, go to Tools, Accounts.

2.) A window with all your e-mail accounts will appear on your screen. Choose the Mail tab and just click on the first account you want to export over. When you’ve selected it, just click the Export button.

3.) You can then choose a folder where you want your settings exported to. You can pick the same one as your address book if you’d like. When you have the folder open and you’ve named a new file for your settings, click Save. You’ll just then need to repeat these steps for all of the accounts you want to transfer over to another mail program.

Exporting Your OE E-mail Messages

1.) Finally, we must get all of your e-mail messages ready for your new e-mail program. So, in OE, go to Tools, Options and click on the Maintenance tab.

2.) Click on the Store Folder button.

3.) A new window will open and from there, you can see where your store folder location is for Outlook Express. This is where OE stores all of your e-mail messages. (For example, mine is under my K drive. Yours might be different though, so just check it out).

4.) Memorize that location and then open it in Windows Explorer (right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and choose Explore).

5.) Once you find it in Windows Explorer, go to Edit, Select All. Right click anywhere in the window and choose Copy.

6.) Find a new location (a new folder) and then paste (right click, Paste) all of the content to it. You can either find a new spot under Windows Explorer or you can just do it like you normally do. You can paste it all to wherever you saved your address book and account settings if you’d like as well or just choose a whole new location.

7.) Once you find a new home for your OE messages, go back to OE and go to Tools, Options and click on the Maintenance tab again. Click on the Store Folder button and then click the Change button. Browse to find the new location that you just chose in step 6 and then click OK. If you have a lot of messages to export over, it may take awhile, so just be patient!

And there you have the whole Outlook Express export process. Now you can import to another mail program or just back everthing up for safe keeping!

Until next time!