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Outlook Templates

Do you find yourself sending the same or very similar messages over and over again?

I know I have… still do and it gets rather frustrating knowing that I’m repeating my work.

To avoid the repetition I’m sure that most of us have resorted to searching out an already sent message then editing a forward copy.

The method works but it can be time consuming to locate what you need and let’s just hope that when you were editing you got everything changed so the new recipient isn’t confused by “mismatched” information.

Instead, let’s try a template. If we could have the basic message saved as a template then we could eliminate the search time and we won’t have to worry about information from someone else’s message being left behind.

So, here’s what you need to know in order to create and use your own MS Outlook Templates.

First, we’ll need a new message where we will create our template. Enter the body of the message, subject, change the font, whatever…

Once it’s all set we will next need to save our template.

For people with Outlook 2007 you need the Office Button, Save As choice located in the message window.

Users of the older versions of Outlook need to use the File menu, Save As choice located in the message window.

When you go to save the file make sure to set the file type to Outlook Template.


Outlook will navigate to the correct location for saving templates so you’re ready to give the template a meaningful name and click Save.

Now that you’ve got the template we need to know how to find it so that it can actually save us some time.

We start in Outlook’s Tools menu.


From there we need the Forms submenu then the Choose Form choice.

This will open the Choose Form dialog box.


Use the drop-down list for the “Look in” field to choose User Templates in File System.

Select the template you need and click Open.

At this point I need to add an extra bit of info… if you have a signature set for every message you create then you will find that it is in the template message too. So – don’t put it into the template – you’ll end up with two of them and I know that’s not your plan.

Anyway, with no searching, no fuss and no extra frustration the template opens as a message ready for you to finish it up and send it off.

~ April