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What’s an Ouya? Well, it’s a $99, open-source video game console built on the Android OS with some pretty high-ideas. It plugs right into your TV, and get this: all the games are free to play!

What started out as a crowd-sourced campaign on Kickstarter, quickly turned into a global phenomenon. The company reached its financial goal within 8 hours of posting – a Kickstarter record! A prototype was created shortly afterward, and now it’s on the fast track for consumer production!

And don’t expect half-baked software, either. Big-name companies like Infinity Ward, Square-Enix and Namco-Bandai have pledged support, so classic and new properties are likely to hit Ouya when it goes on sale next March.

Keep your eyes on Worldstart for more information on this exciting new platform – it looks like it’s got the moxie to really shake up the gaming world!