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Overlay Calendars

Overlay Calendars

If you like to use multiple calendars in Outlook 2007 then you know what I mean about how limited the viewing space for each one can be when you want to see more than one of them at a time.

Here’s how four calendars side by side on my monitor appear in a month view.


Keep in mind that I have a widescreen monitor so that extends the horizontal space from the usual.

Anyway, if you take a good look you’ll see that you can’t even read the appointments… so what use is this to you?

Probably not much and that’s why I have another suggestion for those of you with the need for multiple calendars – Calendar Overlay Mode.

What’s that?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Your many calendars will be displayed one over the other and yet you’ll still see everything.


While I realize that you can’t actually read things but if you take a good look you can probably see that the appointments are color coded. The coding is done automatically, based on the calendar they are on. The top calendar’s appointments are in black and the others are the color of their calendar’s border.

In addition, because of the extra space in each day, not only can you read the appointment name but you can also see times for each one.

You can click the calendar tabs at the top to bring a different one to the top. When you do you’ll notice that the color coding adjusts as necessary.

In my opinion, it’s a huge improvement!

So, if you’re interested then here’s what you need to know.

You can get this appearance in one of two ways.


Either of these actions will place the selected calendar over the leftmost calendar.

If you want to keep overlaying them then select another calendar tab and repeat the process.

Change your mind?

No problem.

When you overlaid the calendars the left arrow became a right arrow. If you click the right arrow on a calendar tab you’ll now see them side by side. (The View menu will also switch your choice to read View in Side-By-Side Mode.)

Now, if you really start to experiment with this one you’ll find that you can mix and match the views. You can overlay some of them and leave the rest side by side.

If multiple calendars are a major part of your “Outlook life” then this is really a feature you need to investigate!

~ April