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P22 Music Text Composition Generator

This music generator is really neat! You can take any text or create any message to generate music.

To begin, scroll past the sheet of music and type in some text in the text box. You can use your favorite quote, declare your love, or just type in gibberish. Then set the BPM (beats per minutes) and select an instrument from the drop down list. Next, you’ll click the Generate Your Music button, and wait for the generator to work its magic.

The generator will create musical notation of what you wrote, as well as provide you with a midi file that you can listen to instantly. Don’t like the speed or instrument you picked? Just change those fields and click the Generate Your Music button again and a new file will be generated without you having to retype everything.

Below the generator you’ll find some tips for how to best set the beat of your music and the history of the generator. 

What are you waiting for? Go create a musical masterpiece today!

http://p22.com/musicfont/ [1]