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This is a super fun social media site that revolves around dogs! Become the leader of your pack today and create a page for the dog in your life. 

I highly recommend that you check out their About [1] page, because it is awesome and explains why you should become a Pack Leader.

When you arrive at the site it begins by asking you if you have a dog. If you answer No, you’ll be asked if you love dogs, answer yes and they’ll show you a series of dogs and you pick your favorites, and from that they’ll create a personalized Dog Digest for you when you sign up. 

If you answer Yes, you get the option  to Tell Me More  or Add a Dog. If you keep clicking the learn more options it will walk you through why you might want to add your dog. You’ll make a personalized homepage for your pup and be able to connect with and track other dogs. 

You can click Add My Dog at any time to get started. It will ask for your dog’s name, dog breed, and then ask you to sign up to continue. The sign up options whether you have a dog or not are the same. You can either F-connect with Facebook or use your e-mail address to sign up. After you’ve signed up you’ll continue customizing your dog’s page. You’ll select whether they’re a boy dog or a girl dog,  how old they are, how much they weigh, where the dog lives, add a tag line, and then upload a picture either from your computer or from Instagram. 

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll be whisked away to what your dog’s page will look like. Using the circle menu in the middle of the page you can edit what the layout, font, colors, and photo. When you’re all set just click the Publish button in the bottom right corner. 

I ended up making a page for both my dogs – Dulcinea [2]and Gypsy [3]

One your page is created, you can scroll down until you see Create A Post to share another photo of your dog! 

I think this is a fun way to celebrate your dog and do something with all those cute pictures you have of said dog! Check it out today! 

http://packdog.com/ [4]