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Pan American Exposition 1901 Buffalo

“Doing the Pan” is what we are all going to try and experience by visiting this site. You have a lot of options for where to navigate. For instance, you could take the First Guided Tour, click the link that says First “Guided” Tour and this takes you to page with a ton of links on it. To keep it simple just follow the pointing hand by the text “Begin your Tour now” this gets the party started so to speak, and you begin your tour.

Now you’ll get pictures with some history as well, continue following the pointing hand and you’ll fly through this tour with the greatest of ease. As well as learn some new and interesting things as well as see some nifty pictures.

You can also choose to view this site by following the links: Documents & Stories, Visiting the Exposition, Weather, About this Site, and Table of Contents.

In “Documents and Stories” you discover all kinds of historically interesting and just plain interesting information. Discover the Women of the Pan, read a short story about the Pan and much, much more.

Visiting the Exposition – “The Pan-American Exposition challenged frugal 1901 people to get away from a visit without empty pockets. Because people were not permitted to leave the grounds and return later in the same day at no additional charge, many local visitors brought their own lunches in shoeboxes to avoid paying the food concessionaires on the grounds. So did travelers coming to the grounds after an overnight train from neighboring states; they deposited their lunch baskets in their respective state buildings on the grounds until lunch time.”

If, like me, you want to know more about the Exposition from that then read on and discover transportation, lodging, fees, food, souvenirs, 1901 costs, and much more. This to me was the heart and soul of this site and is a highly recommended stop on your visit.

Weather – This talks about the weather in Buffalo now compared to 1901, and weather it was good or unpleasant which seems to be of great debate!

Another section worth checking out is “This Day in 1901″. There you will find a snippet of history, a description of the practical happenings in 1901 on the day you visited the site.

http://panam1901.bfn.org/ [1]