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Pandora Internet Radio

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Pandora has become one of the most popular internet radio stations out on the web! It is not your normal radio station. Instead of listening to songs at random, you get to pick the type of station you want. That’s right – this site provides the opportunity to create your own personalized radio station! Just type in the artist name, composer name, or song name, and Pandora will create a radio station playing that music and others in the same category!


Let’s say we want to listen to classical music. You could type in Mozart in the search bar. The autotype function will usually list results resembling your search request, and you can select the one that best meets your needs. For example, I clicked on the first search result that popped up for Mozart: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and I am now listening to the lovely Serenade No. 13 for Strings in G. If you like the song you are listening to and would like to purchase it, simply click on the Buy image on the corner of the song icon. It will give you the option to purchase the song either on iTunes or as an Amazon CD.


If you look on the left-hand toolbar on your Pandora Radio Station, it gives you a few options. First, you have the option of creating new stations. By clicking on Create a New Station, it will let you enter another name into the search bar and create a completely new radio station. When you have more than one, you can alternate back and forth between your different creations!


Under Your Stations, you have two mini-tabs under each of your created radio stations. If you click on “add variety,” you can add the name of another artist, song, or composer to the same station to spice things up! You don’t necessarily have to create a new station when you can combine multiple genres in one.


If you click on “options” underneath a created radio station, it allows you to share your station with a friend, rename the station, edit the details of the created station, find other fans of the same station you have created for yourself, and delete this station if you no longer wish to have it.


At a certain point during your trial run, Pandora will ask you to create an account. Creating an account on this website is 100% free! This is why you will often see advertisements on their page. Sign up with your email address to ensure hours of great musical entertainment. Next time, we will learn about how to manage your profile, genre stations, and more! Stay tuned!


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