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Paper Airplanes

I remember as a little kid that we would get bored in school and try to make paper airplanes to fly notes across the room when our teacher’s back was turned. I was never very good in getting mine off the ground so I switched to origami and made footballs to pass my notes from desk to desk. But now I can learn how to make a decent paper airplane with this site. This site not only has diagrams but has many different styles of planes.

This site would have been useful for my ninth grade science project where we had to make planes and write down our findings scientifically. I found that my plane did not fly.

Here you can find out the World Records for paper planes. You can learn how to fold planes in the section “Paper Planes you can Fold”.

I suggest that you check out the section “Workman Paper Airplane Club”. If you scroll down the page, you will find a flight simulator that rocks!

You can also learn the history of the paper airplane from this site. Did you know these facts?

“Jack Northrop used paper airplanes in the 1930’s to help in his ideas for flying wing airplanes. In a sense, those paper airplanes helped shape a corporation and lead to the B-2 stealth bomber.”

“Early model balloons were all paper, and their first human-carrying balloons of 1783 were cloth lined with paper.”