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Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes – Free Instructions


I spent my Saturday making snowflakes out of paper to decorate the office I work in at school. We had to Google instructions because we couldn’t remember how to get started.

After finding a site that had clear instructions and even a video tutorial to help you visualize further what the diagrams show, I knew I had to share this with you! This is a great winter activity that you can do with your kids, or grandkids, or with the kids at heart in your life!

Just follow the diagrams and you’ll be making snowflakes in no time! Once you’ve got the first steps down, you can try the cut patterns that the author shows on the site, or you can feel free to create your own patterns!

No matter what you choose, your desk will soon be covered in beautiful paper snowflakes that you can use to decorate with! You could tape them up in windows or hang them off your Christmas tree! I found they were addicting to make!

Check it out today!