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Paragraph Setting in Multiple Locations

Paragraph Setting in Multiple Locations

Here’s a little “heads up” for all you MS Word 2007 users!

I’m sure when you need to make paragraph type changes, you immediately go to the Home tab on the ribbon, am I right?

If you don’t see what you need there, you probably find yourself clicking on the dialogue launcher located in the bottom right hand corner of the Paragraph section.

That’s not necessarily a bad way to make changes and for some things, it’s probably the most efficient or the only way to make the changes you need.

Lately, I’ve found I’m frequently trying to add space either before or after my paragraphs, so I’m going through that routine way too often for my taste.

Then I noticed something under a tab on the ribbon that I rarely need to use.

I was on the Page Layout tab and noticed it has a Paragraph section too!

As you can see, right there on the ribbon for easy use, are the settings for both paragraph spacing and indent measurements.

While that doesn’t solve all of your Word 2007 frustrations, it makes everything just a little bit better!

~ April