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In today’s world almost all of us do some sort of online business that requires user names and passwords. From online banking and paying bills to shopping and checking our emails. It is near impossible, it seems, to remember all of the passwords that are required without filling up a whole Roledex with every password we have ever made. Well, I have found a FREE program that will help you house all of your passwords that is simple yet extremely secure. It’s called Passport.

Installing this program was extremely simple and was completed in about a minute. Once I opened it I was greeting with a very simple interface. It had the typical menus across the top including File, Edit, Options, and Help. Naturally, I want to the File menu and selected New. However, for most users I would recommend accessing the help file which includes a very easy to understand QuickStart guide on the program.

Creating a new database is the first step in using this program. To create one, click File > New in the main menu. You will be asked to choose the name and location. Please save this somewhere handy in case you need to access it at a later date. The next thing is ask for is a Master Password. It is VERY important you remember this master password. It cannot be recovered if you lose it. The program will ask for this every time you wish to access this database. Did I mention this is VERY important? Please store this password somewhere safe so you do no forget or lose it.

The next step is adding an entry . To do this click Edit > Add Entry in the main menu or click the toolbar button (+). A window will pop up asking you for the information about your new login. You may enter some title for it, a username, an URL, the actual password, and some notes. If you don’t need some of the fields, just leave them empty. When you’re done, click OK – you’ll see your new entry in the window to the right now.

So now that we have created a database with a password in it, how do we use it? Well, this program offers a few different methods for using stored names and passwords. I have found the easiest way to use it is to click on the entry and use the button at the top to copy your information. The symbol at the top that appears to be a person when clicked on will copy your user-name. You can then paste this into the user-name slot on your website. The same goes for the password. Simply click on the asterisk (*) symbol at the top and paste it into the password field. Another way is to simply click on your user name or password and drag and drop it into the field of your choice. Pretty simply huh?

So if you feel like you have so many passwords that you cant possible remember them all, I would highly recommend giving this program a try. It is very simple and can be very useful to just about any user. Wait, did I mention if you do try this out do not forget your MASTER PASSWORD? Click here [1] to give this program a try.