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Paste Options in Excel

If you tend to take information from Word, PowerPoint, the Web, or wherever to MS Excel, then I’m positive that you know about your formatting choices when you paste.

We’ve all seen the Paste Options button appear. This is where you can decide to have the information keep its original formatting, or have Excel reformat it to match the rest of the worksheet.


But, what if you don’t want to mess with the Paste Options button… and yet you still want the choice?

No problem. Here’s the quickest way I’ve found to make the decision.

-If you want the information to retain its original formatting, then select the cell and paste as usual.

-However, if you want the information to match the formatting of the Excel worksheet then you need to double-click on the cell and then complete the paste. (In other words, you need to get the cursor inside the cell first.)

That’s it?

Yep – that’s it. No extra buttons, menus or whatnot required. Give it a try – you’re going to love it!

~ April