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Paste Options?

Paste Options?

You just completed a copy / paste in MS Word XP and you happen to notice this little button appear at the end of you pasted text.


What’s that you ask? Hmmm…

Good question.

And here’s a good answer.

The little button offers you the Paste Options.

(Now I know a few of you just had the Paste Special thing pop into your mind, but just keep going because this is not the same thing.)

To see your Paste Options click the button.


You’ll be presented with a list of choices for your paste.

They’re pretty self explanatory—it’s all about letting Word know how you want this text brought into its new location.

The bottom choice, “Apply Style or Formatting“, will open the Task Pane where you can select a style to apply to the pasted text.

Once you’ve made your choice you’ll find that the paste is complete and the Paste Option button neatly puts itself away.

Yeah I hear you, if only everything I owned would put itself away when I’m done with it… in an ideal world…

~ April