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Paste with the Enter Key in Excel

If you’re anything like me, you believe that there’s only one option when using the keyboard to paste in MS Excel – Ctrl+V.

While that obviously will paste your copied or cut information as it always has, you do have another option if you’re only looking to paste in one location.

Now you’re wondering why you’d want another option… I mean, what could be easier than Ctrl+V when pasting?

How about just using the Enter key?

Let’s face it, we use the Enter key far more often than the Ctrl key and it doesn’t required any coordination to use a two-key combination. (Believe it or not, for some that just isn’t something that they’re good at).

At this point, allow me to summarize what I just said…

After a copy or cut of a cell’s information, move to the intended paste location and choose a method:

That’s all there is to it.

Now it’s just a matter of what works best for you.

~ April